REEDER Construction and Dallas ISD Break Ground on George Peabody Elementary

October 12, 2023

While construction began in the Spring, our team was thrilled to join together with Dallas ISD and members of the community as we officially broke ground on the new George Peabody Elementary School!

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"With the new design, walls of glass create open, light-filled educational environments that expand the classroom with collaboration spaces where teachers can teach in ways that best suit the individual learner. The two-story building was designed to blend into the local architecture and its single-story neighbors. Adequate stacking will keep cars off neighborhood streets," according to the architect, Pfluger Architects.

In the words of the school’s namesake, George Peabody, “Education is a debt due from present to future generations.”

This new school will set the stage for growth and opportunity for future students and the community. We're excited to be part of it, Dallas ISD!

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