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Looking to make more than just a paycheck? Become part of the REEDER family and we’ll partner to achieve our mission daily, working for a higher purpose together. If your core values align with ours, we want to hear from you.

What stands out to you about the culture at REEDER?

Workplace involvement! Our company culture supports involvement and provides positive, fun ways for their employees to get together for personal and professional development activities, both within and outside normal company hours.

“REEDER is a very generous company, who treats their employees like family.”
“Reeder is very good at supporting project teams and making sure that management always wants to meet their needs”
“My favorite part of my job is building a better learning environment for children”
“Reeder is truly like family, the team cares about you”
“School construction is not an easy task, I feel supported by my team and by management, we all have stake in our projects”
“My favorite part of my role is building relationships that are influential to project and our company, and seeing the forward progression on a project and the area becoming revitalized.”
“Reeder has a family like culture, and they try to recognize the individual employee for who they are and build on their strengths”
“What stands out to me about the culture at REEDER, is that I get the challenge to be a better version of myself, and theres all of the support that I need to get there.”
“Anytime I’ve wanted to learn something new or better myself, management has always been there to support me”
“ I truly feel like I’m a part of a team, we work together to keep projects on track and moving forward. It’s a great feeling”
“My favorite part of my role is having the freedom to take on new initiatives and follow through with them, with the support of my direct supervisor”
“I feel supported in my role to allow me to strengthen and empower our employees, management provides the tools, the resources and the support for my success.”
“If you show the willingness to commit to hard work & strong work ethics, you are empowered and awarded with professional freedom”
“I love the ability to grow my career while helping REEDER grow, I enjoy working with the younger generation and handing down the knowledge that was passed down to me from previous mentors”

Best Companies to Work For

We have been awarded "Best Companies to Work For in Fort Worth" 3 years in a a row!

Perks and Benefits

401(k) Savings Plan + Employer Contribution
Health, Vision, and Dental
Paid Holiday + Paid Time Off
Flexible Scheduling
Leadership Development Program
Mentorship Programs
Employee Referral Program
Incentivized Wellness Programs
Firm-Wide Events + Activities
401(k) Savings Plan + Employer Contribution


REEDER strongly believes that celebrating how we are the same instead of different are the cornerstones of innovation and success. We embrace and celebrate the unique talents and capabilities of a diverse workforce. From management to trade partners, REEDER fosters an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and respect for different perspectives.

Diversity and inclusion are essential to our success as a company. We are committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome, valued, and respected.