2021 Year-end Message From Wes Reeder

December 16, 2021

Year-end Message From the President

It is hard to believe that 2021 is coming to an end. June 3rd marked the beginning of my eighth decade on the planet, which is somewhat significant for me. I don’t feel and hopefully don’t act like an old guy, but my perspective on things is reflective of the many miles I have traveled, knowing that there is more in the rearview mirror than there is looking ahead. Perhaps I am more focused on looking ahead now more than ever, which is a good thing.

I remember last year at this time, and despite all the calamity in this world; I remained optimistic. For me it is not about the calamity of the world; all the things I can’t change or control. It is more about being a good steward of the things that I can change and control. It is about doing the best I can one day at a time. Moreover, it is about staying true to my personal values and responsibilities. I tell people, “If your motives are pure…you’ll succeed.” That probably flies in the face of what today’s culture is teaching people…but I’m right. Despite all the hand-wringing and mindless chatter we all witness…there is a calm, cool, and collected way in which to live. It probably starts with waking up each day with purpose and responsibility knowing that you can love yourself…and you can love your neighbor. All the universities in this world cannot teach any of us anything more important to our success in life than that one simple precept.

2021 has been a good year for our company. We have ushered in some new folks, and sadly said goodbye to others. It is the nature of business. It is worth mentioning that we continue to succeed in a very competitive industry. Over the years, we have seen many of our competitors dissolve, but we are still standing; and we are standing strong. Our revenues were down this year, which we expected, but we were prepared for it. I am very grateful to the executive team for navigating through this past year. I am also grateful to each of you who in your position do the heavy lifting for REEDER. It is truly my privilege to be surrounded by so many capable and loyal employees.

2022 will undoubtedly usher in its fair share of angst. We should expect it; but we should not fear it or give it more credibility than it deserves. If we continue to live our lives from our hearts and minds, there is nothing we cannot overcome. John Lennon said, “All You Need is Love.” He said that about 2,000 years after Jesus Christ demonstrated it. I hope in this coming year we can in some small way attain to that most simple yet profound tenet.

God bless you all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…and God Bless America.

Wes Reeder