As some of you may know I was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2018. I have dodged more bullets than Wyatt what’s his name, so it came as a bit of a 60’s out of body peyote mushroom moment experience for me upon learning this. In addition, and if you have not noticed I have been doing research on my disease and traveling to parts unknown to accommodate my keen interest in the aforementioned subject matter. I have also left obvious clues in my office with piles of books, confidential medical records and notes on legal pads that read like a physician’s desk reference. The reason for this column is to address the issue of health; (most of you should have seen that coming). Seriously speaking I hope this column helps you on your “life” journey; and no, I never had a 60’s out of body peyote mushroom moment…it was the 70’s.

NUTRITION: You are what you eat. Your blood consists of what you eat. Life is in the blood.

The American diet consists mostly of non-nutritional, processed carbohydrate and unhealthy trans fats types of food. This is what we are putting into our “blood.” Dogs and cows eat more nutritionally balanced foods than we do. Most of us (no clinical study here) eat sh***. What is worse is that we eat it every day. God did not design us to fuel our bodies in this way. Nevertheless, it is because of God’s creative genius as it relates to our bodies, that any of us can survive such self-destruction.

It is probably not any of our intentions to merely survive. I believe that we are to thrive; that we are to extract every ounce of life out of our time here on earth. Our lives are gifts to us created by God, with meaning and purpose. We live in these earthly vessels…which will eventually…die. When and until that moment comes, we need to breathe in every breath as if it were our last. Do not take one moment for granted when it comes to your physical, mental, emotional and most important, spiritual health. You are responsible as a good or bad steward over your own health; be a good steward.

EAT RIGHT: Our bodies were designed to survive.

The foods we eat nourish us and are stored as energy. It makes pretty good sense because we do not have to eat “all” the time. Our bodies are creatively programmed to protect us; even from ourselves. But because of modern agribusiness, food additives, soil fertilizers, environmental toxins, vaccines, drugs, alcohol, tobacco…the list goes on and on…we are biologically suffering. This means in order to restore your health to optimum levels…you must give yourself the best possible fuel; water (real water) and healthy, organic food (real food).

Most of what we eat is not real food. Not only do we eat unhealthy non-nutritional food…it is our MO. We were not designed to eat…all the time. When we do this our bodies store the excess as fats. Sugars (glucose) are burned for energy and what is not burned is stored as…fat. Most people burn sugar every day. We should be burning fat…not sugar…every day. The reason we don’t burn fat every day is because we eat high carbohydrate, high sugar, processed crap…every day, which if not burned (and it isn’t) is stored as…fat. It is a bad game plan. It will lead us down an unhealthy road searching for the next fad diet or accepting our lot in life that we are just going to be…fat.

FEAST/FAST: I fast. I deprive my body of food…water only…for days and weeks at a time.

It is not an achievement. My body was built for it; so was yours. My body says “thank you” when I fast. Fasting will change your life. Regular fasting will dramatically change your life. If you want to change your life…Fast. When I am done with any particular fast…I enjoy food again. Food is wonderful…it is delicious and amazing. I love food…but; food is not my God…my belly is not my God. God is my God. When I fast, I am taking dominion over my body. I am telling my body what the rules are. It is good to tell your body what the rules are. Your body listens…unlike most of the people in your life…your body listens. Try it…and keep trying it…you will succeed.

WHY: When you fast your glucose (sugar) stores will be consumed in about 48 hours.

When that happens, your body will start burning fat. When your body starts burning fat…you will shrink…which for most of us is a good thing. Oh, and by the way…all of those cravings for sugar…begin to or completely disappear. This is a product of your amazing metabolism. Remember…your body is CYA. You will feel better, look better, think better and be better.

You’re welcome…

Wes K Reeder